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Warning: they sizzle!

Mary Crum: Mary is a graduate of Radford high school, and while she was occasionally involved with the schools drama team, stage fright kept her away for the most part. However, through working with her outstanding teammates, she has found the courage to overcome her fears. Acting and working on the stage have been long-term goals that she hopes to fulfill further by pursuing her love of improv and taking that into the theater. When she's not in the theater, shes running amok planning for the future, and with her fiancé. She also enjoys reading, D&D and food, though not neccesarrily in that order.

Stu Hirayama: Starting with an audience participation game of Freeze Tag with Loose Screws, Stu Hirayama has had in interest in improv that took more than ten years before his goal came to fruition. He recently made his "official" improv debut with the fourth graduate class of FISW, Hot Property. In between, Stu has worked on numerous theatre and on-camera projects as an actor, sound designer, and stage manager, primarily at Kumu Kahua Theatre. He is an avid Rock Band player, though he wishes he lived in a more sound-proof building to allow him more time to drum late into the night. He also loves late-night breakfasts, a smooth smoky whiskey, great company, and a good back scratch.

Jackson Kato: Jackson Kato's motivation for pursuing improv was the desire to step out of his surfing/video game/fantasy football comfort zone and try something different. After enrolling in the Shannon Winpenny Improv School, Jackson was surprised by what he got out of improv classes: better listening skills, self-confidence, and a great group of friends.

Aside from improv, Jackson enjoys working in the computer field as an database administrator. Jackson claims it is an interesting job, though most people don't have a clue what a database is. That is why he will switch the subjects to dogs...which Jackson adores.

David Lee: David Lee, 24 years old, started off in life as a single father on the brink of desperation searching for life’s purpose in all the wrong places. From small time street pharmacy, night club promotions, drug & alcohol addiction, to falling flat on his back. David finds himself with nowhere else to look but up. Through God’s grace, he was able to find the courage to start over and tell his story as a stand-up comedian and explore the world of long form improv. His witty antics about current events, childhood, teenage to present struggles all tie in to one message. God has a sense of humor.

Elyse Moretti: Elyse Moretti is a writer, recovering middle school teacher, and aspiring physician currently living in Kailua, HI. She is a proud alumna of Case Western Reserve University (B.A., 2007) and University of Hawaii at Manoa (M.Ed., 2009). This Pittsburgh native's interests include healthcare, research, technology, and film.

Elyse freelances as both a creative and non-fiction writer. Her independent film credits include The Crimson Rose by Trimedia Pictures (co-writer), NICE TO MEET YOU by Chuck Hashbarger of the New York Film Academy (writer), GRADUATES (co-writer, series optioned by Verax Media), and one feature-length picture currently in development (co-writer). Hot Property is her first improv team and she is loving the journey! Wooo!

Steve Murray: Steve is a journalist and broadcaster who got conned into stepping into the darkened lair known as the Laughtrack Theater. Since then he has fought for his soul while continuing his pathetic search for acceptance through the meager applause of a carefully chosen and throughly intoxicated audience. A recent graduate of the Theater's training program, his goal is to make his alumni magazine's “Other News” section while not being corrupted by the rabble he now honorably associates with. Steve enjoys sports, music, reading, outdoor activities and being the center of attention.

D. Tafa'i Silipa: Born and raised in Honolulu, D. Tafa’i Silipa was lucky enough to attend the University Laboratory School and graduated in 1997. He was even luckier to have been accepted in Kindergarten! That’s 13 years! Talk about commitment! His diverse ethnic background includes German, Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, and he’s 50% Samoan. He doesn’t mind being mistaken for Native American. In fact, he takes it as a compliment!

From an early age, Tafa’i showed his talent for being an entertainer. As a child, he would watch Frank Delima on VHS tape and be amazed by how Frank could make people laugh simply by dressing up and being silly. Tafa’i soon began doing Frank’s routines at home. His parents’ favorites were Imelda Marcos and Abdulah Fata’ai.

D. Tafa’i Silipa is no stranger to the stage. He acted in plays in elementary school, and he made his community theater debut in Albert Wendt’s The Songmaker’s Chair at Kumu Kahua Theatre in 2006. Since then, he’s appeared in many plays, including Antony and Cleopatra and The Merchant of Venice for the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival, Arabian Nights at Leeward Community College Theatre, and Living Pidgin, Ala Wai, and Pele Mā at Kumu Kahua Theatre. Among his many roles, he’s played a Maori hustler, a eunuch, a sheik, a Hawaiian superhero, a Moroccan Prince, a transexual prostitute, and a Jew. He also appeared in a short film called Welcome to Hawai’i where he played Kaipu, the physically intimidating, ex-boyfriend. He recently provided the voice for an animated superhero as part of an environmental documentary called Huliau, which is in post-production.

A latecomer to improv, D. Tafa’i Silipa first studied the art of improv in 2007 under Garrick Paikai of On The Spot and Shawn Thomsen of IYFI. After a break to do plays, Tafa’i read about Shannon Winpenny and the Laughtrack Theater in the newspaper. Not acting in any productions at the time, he decided to continue his training with Shannon. He couldn’t be happier with his decision! He has met some outstanding people and made some new friends through the program and the theater, and he is eternally grateful to, as Tafa’i so lovingly calls the theater, the “Track.”

May 9th marks his improv debut. He is proud of his team, Hot Property. If you’re wondering where the name ”Hot Property” comes from, you are not alone. It all started when D. Tafa’i Silipa’s bicycle was stolen during a class in the third tier. Hot Property was already in the midst of searching for a name. While waiting for the police to arrive, a teammate jokingly suggested they name the group “Stolen Bicycles.” That prompted Tafa’i to blurt out, “Or Hot Property!” and the rest is history. After Hot Property’s run at the “Track,” you can see D. Tafa’i Silipa on stage (this time in scripted theater) in Pericles, directed by R. Kevin Doyle, of Loose Screws, for the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival at the ARTS at Mark’s Garage. Performance dates are July 24th through August 2nd.

Michael Stiber: Throwing himself at the mercy of the court and a presiding judge with a two o'clock tee time, Michael was presented with the choice of serving his country in the Navy, or serving back-to-back life sentences. Having just seen Top Gun during a TBS "I Love Tom Cruise" movie marathon, it seemed like a no-brainer. After far too many years of his mouth writing checks that his body couldn't cash, Michael lost his edge and traded in his Navy wings for the glamorous, safe, and secure life as a pilot for Aloha Airlines. (Hey, no one has ever accused him of being a genius.) "Go with Improv Theater, that is where the real money is these days" is what it said on the back of a magical book of matches, and so Michael listened to that inner voice that usually tells him the Taco Bell drive thru is open late, and enrolled in the exotic and dangerous world of improv comedy classes. Looking back, he should have just chosen prison.

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