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IYFI is spreading the gospel of improv on menus far and wide. IYFI is a house team at Laughtrack and has been on board since the theaters conception.

Scott Hanada: Scott Hanada has thoroughly enjoyed the art of improv from being an audience member, to student and now a graduate/performer. He has proudly graduated from the Fundamentals of Improv with Shannon Winpenny as a member of the third graduating class, Belligerent, and as the Hal Jordan of Improv Award winner. He feels that as a player of the two groups he is currently with, Belligerent and LTC’s house team, IYFI, he can do anything. The love, support, and trust, he experiences amongst his fellow teammates is indicative of the values that FISW encourages in all its students. Along with Belligerent and IYFI, Scott was also a core member/student of the now disbanded Initiative. You can see him every Friday and Saturday on stage at LTC or being their resident barker.

Larissa Neilsen: Larissa was born and raised on the island of Saipan, part of the Northern Mariana Islands. It wasn't until she came to Hawaii and at the age of 21 when she entered the world of improv and has loved it since. While usually the quiet individual off stage, Larissa continues to surprise herself with every show she plays in doing something she never thought she would ever do. She graduated in Jan. 2009 from the Fundementals of Improv with Shannon Winpenny, and most weekend nights volunteers at the Laughtrack Theater before jumping on stage working the front. Her style, she says, is awkward at times but effective. She is currently one of eleven female improvisers that performs at the theater.

Kehau Rezentes: Kehau Rezentes has been studying and performing improv for three years with various improv troupes. She came into improv by chance after attending a stand-up open mic at Sharkey’s Comedy Club in 2006. Since then Kehau as been a member of several improv groups and studied under the direction of Bobby Duncan, Garrick Paikai, R. Kevin Doyle, Jason Chinn and Shannon Winpenny.

“Performing” and making people laugh comes naturally to Kehau, for as long as she could speak she has managed to entertain people and now she is taking that energy and focus into improv. Late in the game her attention and interest in improve grows more and more and appreciation for improv is endless. Improv has been her greatest challenge in her life so far and she has run for public office as well as attended numerous protests and is currently a graduate student studying Secondary Education at UH-Manoa. Improv is a phenomenal art form and that is what drives Kehau to be a better performer for herself and her troupe.

Chris Riel: Not in so many words...An inspiring comedian...Enjoys Performing in front of any audiences all ages!...Hobbies Tmobile Cell Phones Rep or International GSM Phones 4sale...EMCEES ALL KINDS OF PARTIES!

Shawn Thomsen: Recipient of the Ity Award of Improvisation. What is Ity? Well it’s a word Shannon made up cause she can but it is also a suffix to all the wonderful qualities that Shawn brings to this theater and this group on a daily basis that makes people better for having been around you. Some of these qualities are: dependability, versatility, functionability, availability, mobility, attainability, sustainability, comfortability, adorability, capability, retainability, compatibility, equality, personality, individuality, embarrassability.

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